UroLift System Now Being Tested in BPH Patients with Median Lobe Obstruction

UroLift System Now Being Tested in BPH Patients with Median Lobe Obstruction

NeoTract announced the enrollment of the first patients in the MedLift U.S. IDE trial investigating the safety and effectiveness of the UroLift System for the treatment of people with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) who have an obstructive median lobe.

The UroLift is a permanent implant, lifting the urethra out of the way of the prostate gland. The implant is fitted during a minimally invasive procedure, with no need for hospitalization. Earlier data from clinical trials show that the UroLift improves symptoms and urinary flow rate without compromising sexual function. Most adverse effects — including the presence of blood in the urine, difficulty in urinating, urgent urination, pelvic pain, and urge incontinence — were mild to moderate and resolved within two to four weeks after the procedure.

Obstructive median lobes are present in about 5 percent to 10 percent of BPH patients, and the condition is currently considered a contraindication for the UroLift System. The trial, being held at a number of sites across the U.S. and recruiting patients, expects to conclude in February 2018.

“Unlike other BPH procedures, the UroLift System directly opens the urethra without cutting, heating, or removing prostate tissue. In this way patients experience very rapid and durable relief,” Euclid deSouza, principal investigator at the Adult and Pediatric Urology site in Omaha, Nebraska, said in a press release. “This treatment option has been very successful for many of my BPH patients who are unhappy with medical therapy and concerned about the lengthy recovery and side effects common with other procedures.”

Ronald Tutrone, principal investigator at Chesapeake Urology in Towson, Maryland, added: “Most BPH men have some form of a median lobe and UroLift is an effective treatment option, but in a small subset this lobe can become obstructive. UroLift would be valuable to patients with obstructive median lobes since their treatment options are limited. Patients I see with obstructive median lobes typically require more aggressive treatment which can come with more complications.”

Dave Amerson, NeoTract’s CEO, also spoke of how the study will advance the understanding of the benefits of the UroLift System. “We are thrilled that the UroLift System has improved quality of life for thousands, and we look forward to bringing this innovative therapy to even more patients,” he said in the release.

Eligible men, age 50 or older, interested in participating in the trial can obtain more information through clinicaltrials.gov or by calling (650) 739-5570.

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  1. Ron says:

    I would be nice if a company would come up with way to remove the median lobe from within the bladder instead of TURP. If median lobe is not centered somehow clip off the portion of the lobe that is blocking urine from leaving the bladder. Clip off the median lobe flap that is keeping urine from leaving the bladder. Then the destructive TURP would not have to be used.
    Put a rubber band around the protruding median lobe choking of the blood supplier. Clip it and catherize to keep from bleeding.
    Why hasn’t some tried to engineer a tool that could do that.
    I know that I am probably talking to the breeze but just putting my thoughts out there. Maybe somebody is actually doing something. I have a protruding median lobe and I know how much problem and pain it can cause.

    Thank you,


  2. Brian says:

    I too have the same problem and have not found a satisfactory solution, I am on the waiting list for TURP and have been told use only a vary experienced successful surgeon but still hate the idea of my bladder neck and bladder valve and ejaculation duct being removed just so hey can get at the median lobe which has grown into the bladder and blocking the urine flow( with the additioal risks of permanent incontinence,impotence and uretha scar tissue issues, cutting of the uretha to fit the tools in, etc) So just like you wonder why they just cant leave all that alone and remove the growth via the bladder instead of the uretha, what is open prostatectomy suprapubic-yet to read up on it???Brian.

  3. kenneth ptak says:

    That is what they are doing now. With the urolift they can clip it to one side and open you up without doing any cutting That is a great Idea and a start. I had a urolift done over 3 1/2 years and I am still wide open I refuse to have anything cut out just to pee better. Have a good day Ken

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