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Last week’s hot topic on BPH was 10-Minute Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Now Available to BPH Patients in Colorado written by Carolina Henriques.

This article is about Urology Associates of Denver being the first clinic in Colorado (and one of the few in the U.S.) to provide a 1o-minute treatment called Rezūm for its patients. The therapy uses natural energy stored from water vapor to shrink prostate tissue in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) patients.

“Currently, patients dealing with the extremely bothersome symptoms of BPH are limited to two options: They can take medications that don’t reverse the problem and only help manage it, or they can opt for surgery that includes a potentially long recovery process and subsequent side effects,” Barrett E. Cowan, M.D., said in a press release.

During the procedure, the urologist inserts a small narrow device through the urethra to deliver water vapor directly into the enlarged prostate tissue. Thermal energy is released upon direct contact with the tissue, killing the affected cells. This reduction in size relieves most of BPH’s main symptoms. Eventually the body’s immune system absorbs the Rezūm-altered tissue with no adverse effects reported after the procedure.

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