13 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About BPH

13 questions bph

As the prostate enlarges, it obstructs the urethra and consequently affects the urine flow. Patients may experience symptoms like urinary abnormal frequency, urinary urgency, and difficulty initiating the urinary stream among other symptoms and signs. In order to diagnose the disease, physicians often request a familiar and medical history, and complete physical examination, including an examination of the patient’s body to check for discharge from the urethra, enlarged or tender lymph nodes in the groin, etc.

If you’re diagnosed with BPH, you will probably have a lot of questions you need answers to. Don’t be afraid to talk honestly to your physician and explain all your doubts. To help you know what to ask, we’ve gathered some questions with the help of MedlinePlus, that can be important to ask your doctor:


1. What is the prostate gland?

2. What does this gland do?

3. What are the causes for the prostate gland to enlarge?

4. What are the symptoms of an enlarged prostate?

5. Will these symptoms get worse?

6. Can any of these symptoms be harmful or dangerous?

7. How do I know my problem is not prostate cancer?

8. What tests should I do?

9. How much fluid should I drink during the day?

10. Are there exercises that can help with my symptoms?

11. What can I do so that I do not wake up at night as much?

12. What kind of medication or treatments could help?

13. Will there be any side effects that I should know about?


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