BPH and How Some Prostates are Larger than Others

As men get older, it’s pretty common that they develop prostate problems. Benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH or enlargement of the prostate, is one of these common but non-dangerous problems. Some prostates enlarge more than others, depending on the men’s age, physical condition, and many other external factors. One thing is for sure, BPH affects 80% of older men, but like many other Western chronic diseases, it appears to be a consequence of our diet.  In this video shared in 2012, by NutritionFacts.org, listen to Dr. Greger’s talk about BPH, what causes it, who it tends to affect the most, how cultural and geographical factors can influence it, and possible treatment options.

Please keep in mind that this video was shared in 2012, which means it might be outdated in some of the facts and treatments discussed. To know which are the best treatment options for you, please consult your physician.

Read the latest updates on BPH here: http://bit.ly/1IC9Rp1

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