Patient Testimony: Rezum Steam Therapy to Treat BPH

The majority of men will suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) as they get older, and there are numerous treatment options for it. The Urology Place has recently launched this video to increase understanding about a non-surgical treatment known as Rezum steam therapy or water vapor therapy. The treatment is performed without the need for general anesthesia and it is now available in the San Antonio care center by the hands of Dr. Kella.

In this video shared by Naveen Kella, a patient shares his experience with the treatment. Like many other men, he was diagnosed in his 30s and experienced urination problems, constant need to get up at night to urinate and urination urgency. He was worried not only about his urination function but also sexual function. However, only four weeks after being submitted to the Rezum steam therapy, the symptoms had already improved.

“Water vapor therapy uses sterile steam to send a controlled burst of thermal energy directly into the prostate tissue,” explain The Urology Place. “The steam changes to water as it rushes around the overgrown cells in your prostate. Changing to water releases heat. This heat causes the cell walls to breakdown and the cell stops functioning. The tissue shrinks and the prostate obstruction is relieved. Another benefit of the steam is the blood supply and muscle contraction in the prostate is reduced. This also helps reduce the ability of the prostate to restrict urine flow.”

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