Urologists Meet to Discuss UroLift System as BPH Treatment Option

Urologists Meet to Discuss UroLift System as BPH Treatment Option

NeoTract recently arranged a meeting with more than 60 urologists across the U.S. to review clinical data and share best practices regarding the use of the UroLift System in caring for people with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

UroLift is a minimally invasive, U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved technology developed to treat urinary tract symptoms due to BPH. The system uses permanent small implants, delivered through an outpatient  transurethral procedure, to relieve prostate obstruction and open the urethra without cutting, heating or removing prostate tissue.

At the two-day summit, according to  presentations reviewed data from the randomized L.I.F.T. IDE study (NCT01294150), which was co-led by Claus Roehrborn, MD, professor and chairman of the Department of Urology at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Roehrborn reported in May that study results at four years post-treatment found “over 86% of patients were free from seeking additional procedural treatment for BPH.”

The Phase 3 trial’s findings were published in the journal  Urologic Clinics of North America in August 2016.

“The UroLift clinical publication record is flawless,” Roehrborn said in a press release on the meeting. “The outcomes from the numerous studies are consistent, demonstrating rapid relief within two weeks and sustained improvement in symptoms, quality of life and urinary flow through four years.”

Three new centers were designated UroLift Centers of Excellence at the meeting: in Jamestown, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Fullerton, California. UroLift Centers of Excellence are recognized for their training and success rates in treating men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

“After treating nearly 200 patients, I have seen firsthand the dramatic benefits and quality of life improvements we can offer to men who undergo the UroLift procedure,” said Peter Walter, MD, with the newly designated Western New York Urology Associates in Jamestown.

Data from the clinical trial, which involved 206 people with BPH,  reported rapid and durable symptomatic and urinary flow rate improvement with the Urolift implants, without a loss or decline in sexual function. Most common side effects included hematuria, dysuria, micturition urgency, pelvic pain, and urge incontinence. But these effect were reported to be mostly mild to moderate in severity, and resolved within two to four weeks after the procedure.



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  1. Victor Truong says:

    I have heard a lot about this UroLift treatment, does it have side effects? I have my doubts about those kid of treatments and techniques, i think natural treatments will always be better. In my case I take a natural supplement my urologist prescribed me, I used to wake up in the middle of the night because I had a fluent urination problem plus i always felt something burning inside of my prostate,it was hurtful! I got really worried and I went to the doctor and he told me I have BpH but that it is normal in men that are my age (56), I Have always been a healthy person, I barely get sick, the supplement helped me a lot, its name is alpha rise.

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