• Enlarged Prostate Therapy Fexapotide Actually Improves Patients’ Sexual Function, Studies Show
  • Naftopidil Seen To Lower Blood Pressure in BPH Patients With Hypertension, Korean Study Finds
  • Αlpha Blocker Isn’t Necessary in LUTS Patients Using 5ARIs, But Switch May Need Care, Study Suggests
  • Dietary Polyphenols Can Help Manage BPH, but Can’t Replace Existing Therapies
  • Aquablation Safe, Potentially More Efficient than TURP, Phase 3 Trial Suggests
  • Rezūm Treatment Improves Urinary Symptoms in Obese Men With BPH, Study Shows
  • UroLift Shows Long-term Benefits for Treatment of LUTS, Study Says
  • Cigna Extends Insurance Coverage for NeoTract’s UroLift Treatment for Men with BPH
  • Stress-triggered Dribbling After a Specific Prostate Surgery Linked to Age and Prostate Size
  • Rezūm System Has Treated Over 10,000 BPH Patients in US and Europe, NxThera Announces
  • Rezūm System to Treat BPH Earns 2017 Eureka! Innovation Award
  • Nymox Seeks European Approval of Fexapotide Triflutate to Treat BPH Symptoms

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