What You Should Know About Pee

Even though we don’t usually take much time evaluating it, pee is a very important thing in our bodies. Paying attention to it, it’s very important since we can detect health problems just by looking at it.

Here’s a list of some things you should know about pee:

1. Is There a Right Color for Pee?

While everyone’s pee is different, when its color is much different from expected it might indicate a medical problem. The normal color of the urine ranges from pale yellow to deep amber, which is a consequence of the pigment urochrome. This pigment is diluted, which is why the color may be more or less concentrated according to the amount of water someone drinks. When the pee is almost transparent, it may mean that the person is drinking too much water, while the contrary may indicate dehydration. However, the pee may also gain unexpected colors like red, dark brown, cloudy white and even blue or green.

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