Version of Asian Herbal Medicine for BPH Prevention?

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Could a version of a traditional herbal medicine blend work to combat BPH?  A water extract version of yongdamsagan-tang (YST) has long been used in Asian medicine as a treatment for inflammation and viral diseases. Recent tests on rat models found that YST was seen to prevent the onset of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and significantly lower the weight of the prostate.

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Traditionally used in both Chinese and Japanese medicine, YST is a combination of different herbs.

Read more here about the study of YST in rat models for prevention of BPH.

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  1. CHARLES M says:

    YST? I remember I ever read about Goji Berries, they have been used in China for centuries for energy and long life. I think there are different natural options to fight with prostate problems, I take a good supplement for my prostate issuses in order to prevent cancer, its very effective! besides alpha rise ( the supplement for my prostate) I have an alimentation that includes vegetables, fruits, fish and I try to avoid alcohol and even meat. Prevention is the best way to combat the cancer.

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