Early Cancer Signs Men May Be Ignoring, Including BPH

In this TipsHealth video shared in August 2013, Dr. Travis Stork talks about men’s health and subtle signs that something serious could be wrong. In particular, he looks at ailments that could be signs of cancer, such as lumps, blood in your stools, puffiness or swelling in the face, long-term fever and discoloration of fingernail and toenail beds.

Amy Oshier uses fruit to demonstrate the size of the prostate gland through a man’s life and what happens to it when you have BPH. 

Dr. Stork urges men to see their doctor if they start experiencing anything that’s unusual, so as to either get the all-clear or if it’s something more serious, to begin treatment as early as possible.

Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) is a very common disease among men, particularly older men, and a recent study has shown that having BPH could lead to an increase in certain cancers such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer, particularly in men of Asian descent. Read more about this study here.

Find out more about how prostate cancer and BPH can be more accurately identified with PET imaging method. 


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