Urologist at Texas Clinic Recognized for Expertise in Treating LUTS with UroLift System

Urologist at Texas Clinic Recognized for Expertise in Treating LUTS with UroLift System

Dr. Michael Trotter with Midtown Urology Associates, in Austin, Texas, was recently recognized for his expertise in treating urinary tract symptoms in patients using the UroLift System, and has been designated a “UroLift Center of Excellence” by NeoTract, the system’s developer and manufacturer.

UroLift is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared and minimally invasive device to treat lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Its permanent implants, delivered through an outpatient  transurethral procedure, are designed to relieve prostate obstruction and open the urethra without affecting prostate tissue.

“The UroLift System is a breakthrough minimally invasive treatment that takes less than an hour and offers multiple benefits for men with enlarged prostate — no cutting, heating, or removal of tissue, minimal downtime, no compromise of sexual function, and no need for continued medications,” Dr. Trotter said in a news release. “We are proud to be a national leader in treating patients with this durable and effective treatment.”

The efficacy of UroLift was established in a four-year follow-up to the pivotal L.I.F.T. IDE study, which evaluated UroLift’s safety and efficacy in patients with symptomatic BPH; and two-year data from the BPH-6 study, which compared the system with the surgical standard, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

Results from the L.I.F.T. IDE study showed that after four years, patients treated with the UroLift device continue to experience symptom relief with minimal side effects, with only a small number of patients needing an additional procedure to relief their symptoms.

Results from the BHP-6 study supported UroLift as a minimally invasive and effective procedure compared to TURP. UroLift was also found to be superior to TURP in terms of preserving sexual function, and to offer a quicker recovery.

The UroLift Center of Excellence program was launched in November 2016 by NeoTract to recognize urologists with a proven high level of expertise in using the system and a record of excellence in the clinical care.

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