Last Week’s Hot Topic on BPH


Last week’s hot topic on BPH was BPH-associated Nocturia Symptoms May Be Eased by Japanese Medicinal Plant Extract written by Kara Elam.

This article is about a multidisciplinary team led by investigators from the Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital, Saitama, Japan, who investigated the efficacy and tolerability of Gosha-jinki-gan, a traditional Japanese medicinal plant, in patients with nocturia who are clinically unresponsive to the most commonly used pharmaceuticals to treat the condition, α1-blockers or antimuscarinic drugs.

“The major limitations of this study are the small number of patients, lack of a placebo-controlled group, and no urodynamic data. In cases of lower urinary tract symptoms, which have a strong placebo component, the possibility of a placebo effect might be high. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude that Gosha-jinki-gan is effective for nocturia. To overcome these disadvantages, we need a large-scale placebo-controlled prospective study,” they added.

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